Young Women Leaders is an european project which aimes to promote civic engagement and foster leadership skills among young women coming from different socio-economic and cultural background. 

In particular, the main aim of Young Women Leaders is to promote a new vision of women in 4 EU countries (Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden) by building the capacities of up to 60 young women, supporting them in developing pilot and raising-awareness initiatives addressing their peers and citizens, and in designing the first EU Young Women Network.

The project promotes the concept of parity in all fields of society and especially in politics, economy and in decision-making, joining together three main aspects: education in the form of capacity building, raising-awareness about leadership and more gender balanced society, and network building and development

All project’s activities, results and outputs are linked to these aspects and support its rationale based on the development of a cooperation and coalition building model designed and tested by EU labs based in 4 countries and characterized by a strong interaction between young women, as drivers of the process, and NGOs, CSOs, local authorities and citizens as followers and multipliers. 

The Partners

The Outputs

Each local partner implemented a stakeholders’ engagement strategy allowing to take contact with relevant stakeholders dealing with young women, especially those coming from a different socio-economic background (e.g. local authorities, national and local CSOs) asking them to comment on national legislation dealing with ensuring gender equality and non discrimination conditions for young women. This has been done through a wide range of instruments, such as focus groups, interviews to specific experts and online surveys. 

Here you may find the results of our first output

The final product of the Young Women Leaders Project is an open e-learning platform to create sustainability by providing an open access capacity building materials in the field of civic engagement and women empowerment.

Building an open platform at EU level has an end aim to create the EU Young Women Leaders Network. You may find informative and educative materials which have been developed during the project and what are the 21st century skills for young women to be empowered and constantly engaged in civic, interviews from senior women leaders, success stories from women with different socio-economic and cultural background.

This platform is envisioned as a support ground and just a start towards building a more gender balanced society on EU level and, clearly, a more structured network organization. 

E-Learning Platform

Trainers of The Young Women Leaders Academy Text

The Network

The virtual EU Young Women Network aims to gather together different youth women organizations based in EU countries/cities or even to develop such organizations at EU countries’ level.


We created a network formed by an engaged group of young women ready to up-skill their civic engagement and leadership skills, in order to combat gender inequalities in their community and beyond 

Thanks to theese tools we want to inspire a different way to fight youth women disengagement, more focused on their active involvement, giving young women an opportunity to replicate capacity building trainings and take ownership to improve self-confidence and more tangible skills (e.g. entrepreneurial and digital skills) 

With the support of partners, we created an EU Young Women Network aiming to gather together different youth women organisations based in EU countries/cities or even to develop such organisations at EU countries’ level. 

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